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I offer a safe and confidential space to explore the many aspects of wellbeing in the music and creative industries. I work with people across the board – musicians, actors, writers, management, label employees, producers, roadies, light technicians, engineers – anyone and everyone - and with issues that aren’t exclusive to these industries also. These may include;

Panic attacks
Performance anxiety
Fame and celebrity
Body image
Self esteem
Creative blocks
Loss and grief
Control issues
Trust issues
Family problems
Existential issues
I offer private one to one counselling remotely and from a therapeutic space in Muswell Hill north London, as well as an in-house service for music industry organisations seeking to support their artists and staff members. I also offer counselling and workshops in schools and colleges too. 

Personal & Professional Experience

Growing up in a family steeped in the music business and having been surrounded by musicians and industry folk my whole life, I have witnessed first hand the unique highs and lows that working in the industry entails. 
I have acted as a spokesperson for Help Musicians and have contributed to the conversation about mental health and wellbeing in the music industry at The London Jazz Festival, The British Institute of Modern Music and The Roundhouse. I have also been a guest speaker for the LEAP residency programme run by Serious. 
I'm a registered member of The British Association of Performing Arts Medicine and work as an assessor and mentor for artists and bands working across genres.
I work with actors in conjunction with Equity and on a private basis also. I see many parallels in the music and acting industry and a commonality in the creative mind giving rise to similar issues. 
"In my experience, the creative industries are full of special people who love and feel privileged to be doing what they do. However, I have often witnessed those very same people struggle and not know how to break free from the negative feelings. Research shows that those working within the creative industries may be three times more likely to experience depression than those outside of it.

Defining the causes can be tricky but the reality is that industry folk are struggling.

I have seen how challenging it can be to sustain a healthy way of living with a career in such a dynamic, competitive and emotional industry, and I am here to support."
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